About Us

Gammal Law Office is an independent full-fledged service law office based in Giza, Egypt. The office was founded in 1990 by Mohamed Fouad El Gammal, focusing then on the Corporate and Capital Market fields and related dispute resolutions. The office started with few top tier clients in different sectors, mainly in the Tourism and Hotel Management, electronics and environmental recycling sectors. Over the years, the office has been focusing on the quality and efficiency of the delivered work. Realizing that maintaining a professionally sound business relationship with its clients is key, the office aimed to provide more than formal legal services.

It always believed that the provided legal services should not only be clear and efficient, but should also highlight all possible risks when dealing with businesses and market targets, allowing the clients to determine all their rights and liabilities.

In a compelling move to expand its range of services, a new partner, Ahmed El Gammal, joined the office in 2015. The contribution of the newly appointed partner enriched the office’s services in the Employment, Aviation and Corporate fields.

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With recent restructures and expansion, the Office’s services were complimented, specializing currently in Corporate, Employment, Capital Market and Aviation in all their legal aspects.

The Office provides legal advice to a wide range of customers including multinational corporations, private equity firms, fund managers and blue chips investing and undertaking business in Egypt, offering them assistance in all facets of corporate transactions, from initial term sheets and due diligence to negotiations, drafting and completion. Nevertheless, the Office also seconds lawyers to clients to handle their internal work in liaison with the staff members at the office.

Equally Important, Gammal Law Office provides all services related to performing activities in Egypt. This includes handling all corporate works and procedures. In addition, the office has extensive experience in dispute resolution and in providing litigation services before all courts.

Based on our belief that one of the basic factors of success of any corporation is the manpower, we believe that employees should be encouraged to innovate and work in a healthy environment and be assured that all their legal rights are maintained. In return the employer should be aware of all responsibilities stipulated by law. Taking into consideration the complicity of the Egyptian Labor law and the Social Insurance law, the employer should be carefully guided by experienced practiced experts in this field to be able to legally protect both sides of the employment relationship.

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Fields of Practice